30 August 2015

Dog rescues man from drowning

We all know dogs are very faithful animals. Here is one such example of dogs faithfulness. This awesome dog just realized his master is drowning in water and jumped into rescue. These days when humans are getting very selfish and cruel, this video is just an eye opener to all of us.

14 August 2015

A Frustrated Software Engineer : 2 | An Appraisal Discussion

Employee versus Manager during appraisals, and what an appraisal discussion is like! Corporate gyaan entwined with the B.R. Chopra nostalgia. Enjoy!!.

01 January 2015

Laptop robbery from a car - Caught in CCTV

See how these bad ass thieves get into a car and steal laptop from a Car in a wide daylight. never leave any valuables or belongings in your car as no keys can save it from these thieves.

28 December 2014

Dont watch the movie if you don't like it, Says supreme court on Amir Khan's PK

Supreme court rejects the ban on Aamir Khan's PK.

This came to us as a surprise when Indian Supreme Court rejected the ban on Aamir Khan's PK,The Movie. According to Supreme Court, this movie need not be banned and if anyone does not like the movie , they better don't watch it. Yes, what is the point of banning a movie, when you can easily find it in internet. Will internet be banned too ? Lol never.

It is time we Indians start taking movies just as a piece of entertainment and stop getting hurt with what is shown in there.

Christmas Surprise

Beautiful Christmas surprise for kids from an NGO in Chennai.

Kids from an NGO in Chennai where getting ready for yet another day, until Amazon decided to something different for them. They planned to ask for the wishes from these kids and gift all of them through Santa. This is an awesome video. Smiles on these little kids are worth a million :)

26 December 2014

Awesome Transgender Video

A social message from a group of Transgenders.

25 December 2014

10 August 2014

Aaram se Padhunga : Exam Qtiyapa

The following takes place before every exam every year in every college in the World.

17 July 2014

Malaysian plane shot down.... Another amateur video has emerged !

We translated this video to the best our ability, though please note it is a slightly scratchy video with lower sound towards the end:

"I was looking at it and they shot down the plane, look it’s falling, down, it fell. Look over there, behind there [jumbled.] We went outside, pieces are still falling. Something boomed, it's still falling. There’s a lot of black smoke behind it. Look at it look at it. Come outside, look. It's all red, all the black smoke going up. We were just looking how the plane was falling, we were shocked. They must have shot it down, they must have hit it, they hit it. Nobody could be alive."
Courtsey : www.thewire.com

A Tribute to classic Indian ads

15 July 2014

Technology can never replace Love.

It's time we the modern age parents realize that technology can never replace Love.
This Thai video will make us realize this fact. It is a very powerful and heart touching MUST watch Ad.

Indian government way of Sex Education.

As we all know on June 27, 2014, the Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan sparked a row by stating that sex-education in schools should be banned. This video has been created to show the "Indian Sex Education - The government way"