13 August 2014

Every Delhi Girl In The World !

10 August 2014

The following takes place before every exam every year in every college in the World.

Aaram se Padhunga : Exam Qtiyapa

06 August 2014

A Frustrated Software Engineer

04 August 2014


17 July 2014

We translated this video to the best our ability, though please note it is a slightly scratchy video with lower sound towards the end:

"I was looking at it and they shot down the plane, look it’s falling, down, it fell. Look over there, behind there [jumbled.] We went outside, pieces are still falling. Something boomed, it's still falling. There’s a lot of black smoke behind it. Look at it look at it. Come outside, look. It's all red, all the black smoke going up. We were just looking how the plane was falling, we were shocked. They must have shot it down, they must have hit it, they hit it. Nobody could be alive."
Courtsey : www.thewire.com

Malaysian plane shot down.... Another amateur video has emerged !



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